Saturday, 27 October 2007

Darjeeling Limited

The newest movie by Wes Anderson is, to quote a movie-critic cliche, a moving feast. India is an amazing, diverse and spiritually jumbled country that provides a more than accomadating canvas for the story of three estranged brothers trying to find themselves together.
The three words running through my mind the entire time were: sweetly neurotic and bizarre. Each character is slightly unreal in their personalities. But then I realized I know people who really are like that. It may even be myself. And suddenly I find myself on a crazy train ride I can't seem to keep up with. The plot sequence is jarring, jolted and stunted. Sometimes it caught me off guard and I laughed before realizing that I was supposed to be crying.
If you are familiar with Wes' movies, you will not be disappointed by the colors. Why care about one or two lines of badly written script when you can encounter jungle-patterned suitcases and pastel pajamas. Vermillion dots on the forehead, iridescent peacock feathers and turquoise washed houses.
Overall this movie rides upon its scenery and reputation, however, if you've ever felt out-of-place, crazed, misjudged, untrusted, depressed and scared- in short, a member of the human race, then you will probably find youself enjoying the movie as a whole.

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